Weaponization of Nostalgia: The F-15 & F-16

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How did a small group of pilots and civilians try to influence the design, development and procurement of two famous USAF fighters? I talk with Dr. Michael Hankins about the Fighter Mafia and it's impact and legacy on the F-15, F-16 and USAF/DoD.

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- Sources -
Dr. Michael Hankins

- Recommendations -
Hankins, Michael; Flying Camelot, Cornell University Press: 2021

Fino, Steven; Tiger Check, Johns Hopkins University Press: 2017

Hammond, Grant; The Mind of War, Smithsonian Books: 2004

Schultz, Timothy; The Problem with Pilots, Johns Hopkins University Press: 2018

- Timecodes -
00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Expert
00:51 - Who & What was the Fighter Mafia?
02:05 - What influenced the Fighter Mafia?
04:52 - Technology vs. Fighter Mafia?
08:36 - F-15: A 'failed' Fighter?
11:57 - F-16: Not good enough?
15:46 - Using the public to pressure the Department of Defense.
19:55 - F-35: The Legacy of the Fighter Mafia
23:22 - Recommendations
26:06 - Outro

- Audio -
Music and Sfx from Epidemic Sound

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