Big Mistake of Russian Soldiers! Russian Fighter Jet Hit its Own Troops!

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Big Mistake of Russian Soldiers! Russian Fighter Jet Hit its Own Troops!

We are here with breaking news; The big mistake of Russian soldiers! Russian fighter jet shot down its own troops.

We are here with last-minute developments in these days when the Ukraine-Russia war is intensifying day by day; Do not forget to like the video before moving on to the news. Russian army which cross the borders of Ukraine with the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin faced with Ukrainian army which is very loyal and would do its best for its country. This completely overturned the attack planned by the Russian army.

The Russian army, which was planning a three-day occupation operation to invade Ukrainian territory, encountered unexpected situations. The fact that the Ukrainian army continued its attacks without giving up strongly caused the Russian army not to achieve the success it desired for 129 days. The Russian army, which has not achieved success, is desperate to suffer great losses every moment it spends in Ukraine. The Russian army, which lost many military vehicles and personnel during the day, lost a lot of motivation due to this situation.

The Russian army, which has lost its motivation and demoralized, has suffered huge losses in addition to failure in many attacks it has carried out in Ukraine. This led to the neutralization of 35,750 Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine, according to the announced data. In addition, the Russian army lost 1577 tanks and 3,736 military vehicles, 217 aircraft, 186 helicopters and 645 unmanned aerial vehicles. These data showed everyone how much the Russian army suffered great losses in the attacks and that it has been increasing day by day.

Even in this case, the Russian authorities are giving orders to attack its army on Ukrainian territory even more fiercely. Despite all these losses, the Russian soldiers who were forced to attack began to think that they were worthless because of this situation. In recent days, a Russian soldier who had surrendered, stated that they are the ones caught under fire and did not took that risk.

Many Russian soldiers do not want to fight because of all this. Many of the Russian soldiers, who did not want to fight and continued the attack with demoralization, made many mistakes during the attacks by not thinking healthy. We have made several reports about how the mistakes made have inflicted great losses on the Russian army. However, today there is another news on this subject.

According to a breaking news today, the big mistake of the Russian soldiers! Russian fighter jet shot down its own troops. The demoralization of the Russian soldiers and the continuation of the war led to accidents and the fact that the Russian soldiers made mistakes and suffered greater losses.

According to information received from Ukrainian news sources, the Russian fighter jet hit its own unit with a mistake while trying to hit the Ukrainian target in the Kherson region. There has been no statement from the Russian government on this issue. You can express your thoughts in the comments section.

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